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New & Simplified Email Setup!

We are revamping the settings page of the email channel with a new sleek look which will be in line with our Mint design language. As a part of this revamp, we will be including the following enhancements to further simplify your email setup process:

  • We're introducing pagination to the list of mailboxes on the setup page. This will enhance the user experience by helping users quickly skim through the list.

  • Another major enhancement is the search bar under email settings that will help users search for and identify a particular mailbox from a long list of mailboxes.

  • We are moving the 'Advanced Settings' to a new tab where users can customize their email replies, empower agents to create new outbound tickets, and also allow them to personalize their conversation by choosing their own name as the sender name.

These changes will be rolled out in phases by the end of October 2019. We are super excited about these changes, click here to share your feedback!

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